Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Specialist

Our Process For Cleaning Rugs

We are IICRC certified and an in-plant cleaning facility experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of your oriental rugs. With our expertise we remove the dirt you can’t see extending the life and appearance of your rugs, and by understanding how we clean the rugs you can see why our rug cleaning process is more effective than simply steam cleaning them.

1) Dusting

Your rug is beaten and vacuumed until all loose dirt is removed.

2) Washing

We use a safe neutral PH Oriental shampoo over the body of the rug along with a unique method called “peptization” (explained in the wall to wall carpet cleaning information section) which helps remove soil and leaves less residue. Then a special cleaning agent that enhances brightness is used to clean the fringe.

3) Rinsing

Your rug is rinsed with warm water (less than 120 degrees) which is immediately extracted removing all soil and cleaning agents. At this point we set the pile in the correct direction giving you a bright sheen look from one end and a deep rich look from the other.

4) Drying

Your rug is then hung to dry in constant moving air with dehumidifiers for 3-4 days to ensure thorough drying.

5) Grooming

Lastly it is groomed with a pile brush to give it a plush look and feel. The fringe is groomed and straightened to ensure no tangles or stray loose fibers.

We Clean All Types Of Rugs

Why use our services?

Rugs are made of many different delicate fibers and dyes. We are trained to recognize these fibers and dyes and have the experience and equipment to care for them properly reviving your rugs natural colors and beauty.

We believe in quality over quantity and you get what you pay for. We take our time and guarantee our work and your satisfaction. If our prices seem high or our completion time long, it is because of our dedication to quality.