Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning Specialist

Rug Cleaning

We are IICRC certified and an in-plant cleaning facility experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of your oriental rugs. With our expertise we remove the dirt you can’t see extending the life and appearance of your rugs, and by understanding how we clean the rugs you can see why our rug cleaning process is more effective than simply steam cleaning them.

Carpet Cleaning

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person spends 90 percent or more of their time indoors, where levels of pollutants may be two to five times higher, or more, than outdoor levels. This makes it extremely important to perform regular maintenance inside your home or business in order to improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial furniture, like office chairs, should be cleaned more often than residential. The reason is that most commercial upholstery experiences a lot more daily wear and tear. We recommend having your office furniture cleaned professionally annually, or even biannually in heavy use situations. We can even clean pen ink and other stains off of most office furniture, extending the life of the chairs and sofas at your place of business.

Rug Wrapping

Protect your rug when storing or moving. Proper rug storage will help extend the life of your rugs and provide a superior barrier against moisture. Proper storage is especially important in climates like Wilmington where the humidity is high during a portion of the year. Wraps can also assist with reducing the opportunity for fading due to sunlight. Rug wrapping will help reduce the chance of insect infestation during storage.

Soil Protection

World’s 1st Green Approved Carpet/Uphosltery Protector
Green Guard – A cutting edge encapsulation product that contains anti-stain, anti-soiling properties that neutralize alkalinity residues and limits wicking to carpet. Prevent stains and the browning or yellowing of your fabrics.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

When you’re in need of drying, cleaning, and mold/ mildew treatment of water damaged rugs and carpet, consider our water and fire damage restoration services. We also provide cleaning and restoration service for smoke and soot damaged carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Green Cleaning

Offering biodegradable rug, carpet, and upholstery cleaning using botanical products proven by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). See how our Certified Green Cleaning services can keep the environment safe.

Rug Moth Protection

Protect your rug from wool eating moth larva. Learn more about our moth protection services.

Rug Repair

Contact us today to fix your rugs, or find out more about our rug repair services.